The Filter Feeder
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  • The FF-100 Filter-Feeder holds a full five gallons of liquid treatment chemical. The FF-50 holds a full four quarts.

  • Maximum height of filter feeder is 35". The tank diameter is 8".

  • Standard models are for operating pressures up to 200 psi and operating temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Standard steel models have a stainless steel filter bag basket to ensure long life.

  • Standard models do not include valves for bypasss and drain piping.

  • All feeder piping and valves are normally 3/2" but may be reduced to 1/2" if necessary.

  • Piping should be mild steel or schedule 80 PVC. If copper is used, do so with dielectric couplers.

  • Avoid excessive pipe wrench torque force. Use Teflon tape.